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News! New Cabin Typology from Nature Compact Living – Design by Snøhetta  [more]

New living concept

«This is something completely different and new, which has not been done before»

Ole Henrik Eftedal, Founder (Gründer)


Nature Compact Living introduces a completely new and different holiday home concept.

These are housing units you place in open nature, where you will find silence, calmness and a pleasant time with the ones you love.

The idea is to create a place where the world is disconnected, phone turned off and you get a unique experience together.

Your own “luxury hotel room” in nature

Experience closeness to nature

Experience the “art of doing nothing”

Hide away…

You can look out of the windows, but looking in is hard

Terrace solutions that could double the floor area

Everything you need!

A two sqm spa experience

An attractive rental home for tourists who want to experience Norwegian nature

Cabin, guesthouse, annex, sauna with fantastic proximity to nature.
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